LINEAR MANUFACTURED IN THE UK Linear Gemini 2 144MHz 300W Solidstate Linear Amplifier State design that is solid 300W output Integral 50V Linear power Push demands 3-25W Advanced cooling for functioning Total safety for overdrive/swr/heat Switchable present All aluminium frame Small sizes – only x 300d x mm British Produced by us below around the Borders Built totally great britain, manufactured and intended, the all new GEMINI linear amplifier is just a solidstate amplifier with versions. Made to fill a market gap between the low power outputs of transverters and stations that were smaller and also the 1kW plus amplifiers that not totally all users need or are able the Gemini variety combines low push needs with instant-on solid-state efficiency in a compact elegant offer. Using an RF segment designed entirely for all of US by Chris Bartram GW4DGU (of Mutek reputation) Gemini employs the newest Freescale MRFE6VP6300HR3 LDMOS unit for high performance and maximum toughness. This, combined with Over Temperature and built-in security for overdrive, Substantial SWR guarantees your imac solid dependable effectiveness at high results for lengthy periods. The 144MHz Gemini 2 also incorporates on obtain a front-panel switchable present. This is selected by the user to become possibly an output voltage about even a bias tee supply or the rear cell as expected. Furthermore GEMINI is really a total turnkey solution incorporating a whole 50V power supply that is linear consequently no external best app remover for mac PSU is required.