Computer security, cybersecurity one or information technology security (IT security) is the protection of computer systems through theft or damage to their equipment, software or electronic data, and also from disruption or misdirection from the services they provide. Cyber security on the forefront: At UMUC, cyber protection is the focus of our program, no aside. We offer a broad array of internet security bachelor’s degrees, master’s levels, and certificates—in subjects ranging from electronic forensics to cyber policy. 

Cybersecurity encompasses a wide range of practices, tools and principles related closely to those of information plus operational technology security. Cybersecurity will be distinctive in its inclusion of the unpleasant use of information technology to attack adversaries.

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The Cybersecurity Specialization covers the basic concepts underlying the construction associated with secure systems, from the hardware towards the software to the human-computer interface, by using cryptography to secure interactions. A summary of FDA routines in relation to cybersecurity and the protection associated with public health.