Do you want to create bitcoins directly? This can be because you can really make them, this is also called mining. Everyone can now start at home and instantly create bitcoins. But it takes a lot of money to make profitable bitcoins. But it can also be very profitable if you’re doing well! Most people make the choice of individual mines, which is why the traditional way of bitcoins mines. You then set up your own computer or the hardware at work and then the calculus must be unloaded. It may seem complicated, but the more you will read, the easier and clearer it becomes. For example, you can find more about Ethereum, a new kind of bitcoin, also an online currency. You can also get started at We sell your hardware and thus you can make the ethereum coins.

Why create bitcoins directly?
The reason for choosing to make direct bitcoins may be because you would like some news. Or you have read about the big successes and the profits that can be achieved with this. With a miner you can make ethers. Everything you need is available online. Before sending everything to you we will test everything extensively. As soon as it comes to you, you can get started immediately and create bitcoins! We sell you various devices with various megahertzs ​​from 50MH / s to very heavy. The heavier they are, the more they can be made. Therefore, let us know your questions so that we can think of you which device is best. Within a few days you can create bitcoins and benefit from the benefits that others have already experienced.